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TEN (10) Things to Know About This Book


1)    What is this book about?

My personal story of becoming the first college graduate in my family and leveraging an unimaginable opportunity to embark on an eye-opening career with one of the world's most well-known companies.

2)    Who is the book for? 

Readers who have dreams, curiosity and courage to follow their passion, no matter the barriers, would appreciate this book.

3)    Why did I write it?

It's about gratitude and thanks for the opportunities education brought to me, as well as some of the most impactful and memorable people I encountered along the way.  Also, I hope my personal story, rooted in humble beginnings, inspires others. 

4)    What is the biggest misconception about my book?

Probably some would assume the book is technical, narrow, ho-hum account of a nerdy desk jockey number cruncher – but that's absolutely NOT the case. My career involved some of the most challenging one-of-a-kind assignments across the globe.

5)    What are the take aways?

Learning to deal with setbacks, working with wonderful and sometimes not so nice people, taking time to have fun along the way. Don't settle for NO.  Always follow your heart and get a better answer.

6)    How did you come up with title?

The title summarizes my feelings and establishes a connection to the company monogram representing an iconic corporation identity.

7)    What was the hardest part to write?

Unexpected personal emotional shocks – a layoff, a coworker suicide, an unfair evaluation.

8)    What is one thing people can do right now?

Carefully consider your current situation and listen to your inner voice to make the best decisions to move forward.

9)    Do you have a last / final message?

Embrace continuous lifelong learning, never miss an educational opportunity. Get the most out of every situation…sometimes a setback eventually gets you to a better destination. Get out and learn something new today!

10) What is your best tip?

Always appeal to a decision maker who has authority to help.

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