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Author Bio

Engineer-turned-author, Michael A. Davi was professionally employed by General Electric for 40 years. His career began and ended with Services Engineering roles and in between there were some most unusual assignments. Often these assignments involved working with top company experts. Gas turbines–primarily industrial power generation equipment, but sometimes including GE aircraft engines–played a prominent role in his career. GE's global power generation business afforded worldwide travel opportunities, exciting work, stellar educational choices and great camaraderie with excellent people. Along the way Michael was involved in global technical presentations, project negotiations and environmental regulatory hearings. Membership in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers opened the door to becoming a GE representative and an active committee member on the International Gas Turbine Institute's Electric Power Committee for more than 26 years. Now retired and living in Niskayuna, New York, Michael has written his first book, "PrivileGEd – Experiences From My Unusual 40-year Career With One of America's Most Iconic Companies" to document his story. Hopefully the success he experienced will be an inspiration to younger folks to consider technical careers and perhaps also to others to share their own stories.